The topics covered in this session include the theory of modular and automorphic forms and the Langlands Program, arithmetic of elliptic curves, modularity lifting theorems, and the modular method for diophantine equations.


Ana Caraiani 
University of Bonn
Galois representations and torsion classes
Thursday, 27 April, 10:30-11:15. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Alain Kraus 
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
Fermat’s Last Theorem over some totally real number fields
Thursday, 27 April, 11:20-12:05. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Samuel Le Fourn
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Surjectivity of Galois representations of quadratic Q-curves
Thursday, 27 April, 12:10-12:55. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Daniel Barrera Salazar
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona
On the exceptional zeros of p-adic L-functions of Hilbert modular forms
Friday, 28 April, 10:30-11:15. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Jeanine van Order 
Bielefeld University
Bounds for Mordell-Weil ranks via Fourier coecients of automorphic forms on the metaplectic cover of GL2
Friday, 28 April, 11:20-12:05. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Lassina Dembélé
University of Warwick
Lifts of Hilbert modular forms and application to a conjecture of Gross
Friday, 28 April, 12:10-12:55. Room Nicolau d’Olwer


Luis V. Dieulefait
Universitat de Barcelona

Nuno Freitas
University of British Columbia, Vancouver


The Catalan Mathematical Society (SCM) invites participants to the second edition of the Barcelona Mathematical Days. This triennial Conference focusses on current research topics across several areas of Mathematics.

Plenary talks and thematic sessions have been selected by the Scientific Committee of the SCM. Special thanks are due to the organisers of the thematic sessions and to the local mathematical community for their support to this Conference.


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