The talks of this session deal with algebraic, geometric, and topological methods that have been recently applied to different areas of biology: from chemical reaction networks, to phylogenetics and coiling of DNA molecules. The mathematical tools involved in these applications go from algebraic geometry to knot theory passing through computational algebra, algebraic statistics, commutative algebra, or numerical linear algebra, among other topics.


Dorothy Buck 
Imperial College London
Knotted DNA; Mathematical Models and Biological Consequence
Thursday, 27 April, 16:30-17:15. Room Pere Coromines

Elisenda Feliu
University of Copenhagen
Algebraic parametrizations in biochemical reaction networks
Friday, 28 April, 17:20-18:05. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Jesús Fernández-Sánchez
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona
The embedding problem for Markov matrices of evolutionary models
Friday, 28 April, 16:30-17:15. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Nina Otter 
Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
The phylogenetic operad
Thursday, 27 April, 17:20-18:05. Room Pere Coromines

Matteo Ruffini 
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona
Clustering patients with Tensor Decomposition
Friday, 28 April, 18:10-18:55. Room Nicolau d’Olwer

Piotr Zwiernik
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
The correlation space of Gaussian latent tree models and model selection without fitting
Thursday, 27 April, 18:10-18:55. Room Pere Coromines


Marta Casanellas
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

Carsten Wiuf
Københavns Universitet


The Catalan Mathematical Society (SCM) invites participants to the second edition of the Barcelona Mathematical Days. This triennial Conference focusses on current research topics across several areas of Mathematics.

Plenary talks and thematic sessions have been selected by the Scientific Committee of the SCM. Special thanks are due to the organisers of the thematic sessions and to the local mathematical community for their support to this Conference.


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